Sprayed Concrete in Themed & Architectural Projects

Example of shotcrete being used at Canada Wonderland

Shotcrete is a spray cement technique that is being increasingly used for a wide variety of artistic and architectural finishings. This type of concrete spraying not only improves the aesthetics of a given area, but also provides a structurally sound surface.

Shotcrete applications are used in themed and architectural projects such as:

  • Creating animal and plant structures in zoos
  • Landscaping in theme parks
  • Creating water features
  • Skate parks
  • Rock formations

Hardrock has been involved in many projects where shotcrete spray on concrete finishes have been applied to create amazing architecture. Our clients include Canada's Wonderland and Ripley's Aquarium

You can also view many more examples where we have applied shotcrete concrete spraying, by visiting the Projects or Gallery section of this website

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