About Hardrock Concrete

Hardrock Concrete Inc specializes in structural shotcrete, and has been proudly providing its services for over twenty years.

Our structural shotcrete services can be used for a wide range of applications, ranging from soil retention and retaining walls to tunnels, bridges and sewage treatment plant rehabilitation. Our fleet of industrial heating equipment allows us the flexibility to work through all weather year-round. Please take time to visit the Projects section of this website to see some amazing examples of the calibre of our work.

Over our many years we have gained specialist knowledge and experience using both  wet and dry-mix shotcrete processes. We advise each of our clients on the best way to approach their individual projects, from the early planning stages right through to project completion.

Hardrock Concrete can also provide companies and individuals with shotcrete training and certification. Using our own facilities, we can train and test overhead and vertical shooting in both wet and dry-mix shotcrete processes.

In addition to structural shotcrete we offer a range of services related to shotcrete. Over the years we have grown to incoporate services such as welding, fireproofing and sandblasting as these are often required as components of projects we have been involved with.  See our Services section for more information on these.

Hardrock Concrete is also a proud member of the American Shotcrete Association (ACI).

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